Commercial Services

Haast Heli in conjunction with our sister companies Tekapo Helicopters and Fox & Franz Heli Services has a large fleet of helicopters throughout the South Island including A350 B2 Squirrels, Hughes 500s and R44's. Below are some of the industries to whom we provide heli services and support.


  • Road closure work
  • Department of Conservation work
  • Back Country Hut maintenance
  • Kiwi breeding projects
  • Surveying
  • Lifting
  • Mustering
  • Whitebaiting support
  • Jet boating support
  • Commercial fishing industries
  • Frost protection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Remote repeater site servicing
  • Wild animal control 


We specialise in transporting people and cargo to remote locations. Our pilots and crew are passionate about ensuring the safety of all personnel and contributing to the successful completion of all projects. Transporting our clients safely and responsibly is our number one priority. We support our flight operations with exceptional helicopter maintenance and provide extensive training for our staff and crew.

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