RED DEER (Year Round)

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Red deer are sociable animals and form single sex groups outside of the rut period.

Male groupings may be quite loose but female groupings are much more cohesive, made up of females their young and previous season's offspring.

Feeding occurs early morning and late evening although in undisturbed areas or in periods of light rain feeding may occur over extended daylight hours.

Reproduction: Before the rut, male groupings break up as the older males seek to establish their own rutting area and attempt to attract females into a harem. During the roar, males will roar periodically, especially in the early morning and evening.

Red deer make use of wallows, both during the roar and at other times of the year. The covering of mud accentuates the smell of a rutting male and can give the deer a larger, darker appearance.

The rut is from late March through April with most conceptions occurring early to mid-April.

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