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Learn about Tahr hunting in the South Island of New Zealand.

The Himalayan Tahr thrive in the Southern Alps of the South Island, New Zealand. They survive above the tussock on the West Coast and other Alpine areas of the New Zealand's Southern Alps.


With Tahr numbers on the rise and spread it does not matter if you have not got a block we can position you into a area outside of the balloted areas or there could be a spare block.

Tahr are gregarious animals forming three distinct social groupings, which come together around April-May in preparation for the rut. The first group consists of females, kids, and young males up to 2 years old. The second group is made up of mature bulls over 4 years old with younger immature bulls, 2-3 years old, forming another third separate grouping.

During the middle of the day Tahr rest, often well above vegetation lines amongst rocky outcrops before descending to feeding areas in mid to late afternoon. The evening is spent at the lower levels before returning up to the higher altitude resting sites.

In South Westland animals often have the reverse behavior, resting and sheltering below the vegetation line and feeding upward into favoured tussock feeding areas or laterally onto open slips in the evening and returning to cover in the early morning.

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