Haast Coastal Flight

Duration: 12min
Pricing:$99 per person*

A very popular flight the Haast coastal flight is a great first time flyer opportunity or just a great excuse to get an airborne flight over Haast and its beautiful coastline.

About 6 minutes north of us we have a bit of coastline that we have had feed back likes `This is better than the 12 Apostles` `Wow this is like the whale watch flights in Kaikoura`

See the ocean spray off the Tasman soar up into our native wind swept rain forest with dolphins surfing the waves.

Also on this flight a great view of open bay islands a island off the coastline which is full of history and wildlife.



  • Flight duration is only approximate
  • * Pricing is in New Zealand dollars and includes GST. Minimum numbers apply.


-12 Apostles
-Rain Forest

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